Our camp is THEME BASED. Every session is creatively developed based on a chosen theme.
Russian Camp

We combine educational goals of learning Russian language and sharing Russian culture with the magic of Summer Camp while staying safe!

Campers live in small groups with a counselor in cabins at a well-established resort on a picturesque lake in Minnesota; they learn Russian in daily classes in playful form and through immersion experience while doing sports, playing games, performing arts and crafts, various outdoor activities like archery and rock climbing, swimming, volleyball championships, etc.

Our counselors are native Russian speakers, loving parents and teachers of the Russian language working as a team with trained lifeguards, nurses and kitchen staff to provide safe environment to every camper. Safety is our #1 priority!

All the meals comply with dietary guidelines for camps and we accommodate specific dietary requests.

  • Sports camp? We do a lot of sports: archery, climbing, low/high ropes, daily swimming, volleyball tournaments, etc.
  • Art and theater camp? We do daily evening shows with our campers as the producers, the actors, the costume designers. We host painting competitions and create sets to decorate the stage.
  • Adventure camp? We hike in the woods, go searching for survival food, build houses from sticks, sit by the fire in the evening roasting marshmallows.
  • Team building camp? We play team building games, develop independence, self-esteem, and confidence; we make new friends and have fun with old friends.
  • Russian language camp? We have daily classes in a playful setting with the goal to improve speaking and comprehension skills, we live the language by speaking Russian from dawn till night and using it in real conversations, playing sports, singing and other traditional camp activities.
Our camp is THEME BASED. Every session is creatively developed based on a chosen theme. We design a storyboard outlining how the theme is used throughout all aspects of daily routine, converting games to fit the theme, creating quests, activities and evening shows bringing the story to life. We LIVE THE STORY.

New themes coming to 2019 Sessions:

June 16-22, 2019: ***HARRY POTTER CAMP*** August 18-24, 2019: ***To be announced*** We do it all: sports, acting, adventure in a safe environment while learning and practicing Russian language through an intensive immersion program.

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